Paintless dent repair is the new thing. It’s so much less to pay to have done to your car than taking it to a body shop. Also, it’s a lot less time to have this procedure done on your vehicle. With the experienced technician working on your vehicle, a repair of a dent or a ding should only take around 10 to 20 minutes.

You can see that the time is so short; that a person who is able to do this paintless dent repair can actually come to your office and repair your vehicle while you’re at work during the day. Or perhaps you can take it to their shop during the day at lunch time. It will be done in time for you to still get a bite to eat and get back before your lunch is even done.

The procedure is very easy. It’s done from the inside of the vehicle, and the dent or ding is basically massaged out of the vehicle by pushing it out. You can access almost any area of the car from the inside very simply to do these procedures.

Once you become an expert technician a repair will take you no time at all, and then all you need to do is decide on whether you want to have a shop where people can come and you repair their dings and dents, or if you want to get a van and place your tools on the inside and offer a mobile service to all those hard working people out there.

Whichever way you decide to go about it PDR is a great source of income, and once you do someone’s car they are sure to pass along to their friends how well you did and how quickly you were done. This word of mouth advertising will do your business a bunch of good, because there is nothing better than a happy customer who passes on the word about how good your work was. Plus they will tell everyone just how inexpensive it was too.

Before long you’re sure to be having calls around the clock to come and fix some ding or dent on a vehicle. You can also put ads up in libraries or other stores to advertise your business and what you offer. It would be a great way to build up a steady customer base, because we all know just how quickly you can get those dings and dents in a vehicle.

So read up on PDR a bit more and see how you would access the different areas of the car to fix them, or give one of our Cardiff dent repair technicians a call and get your dents removed the hassle free way. They are all very simple techniques or at least they look that way when carried out by an expert, and once you practice and get to be good at PDR it will take you no time at all to be fixing cars and to earn some great money. Get out there today and see if PDR may be a new job for you to try, and one that you will help everyone out with.

I sold my car because it was dent free – by getting the dents repaired it sold easily

Trying to sell a vehicle and you notice a whole bunch of those little dents and dings? Dents from other cars hitting your doors in the parking lots, or little rocks hitting your vehicle as you’re driving? It doesn’t matter how you got them, but what does matter is what it makes your car look like while you’re trying to sell it.

You can get this new service called PDR or paintless dent repair. It’s really awesome. It doesn’t cost near as much as taking your vehicle into the repair shop, and the time in which the dents and dings are done is tremendously faster, like 10 to 20 minutes per ding or dent if you have an experienced technician. If not it may take a bit longer, but it really shouldn’t take that much time.

There are ways that these technicians get at the dents and dings from the inside of the vehicle, and then what they do is basically massage the dent or ding out of the car. It’s a very cool process, and if you learn how to do it you will make a bunch of money helping people sell their vehicles by making them look sharp and without dings.

So if you want to get your vehicle sold and you want to get the most money out of it that you can, you should check into PDR and see if they can help your vehicle look almost brand new, if not brand new. You would be sure to get more money from a car that has no dents and dings than one that is covered by them. A car that is sharp looking and has no dents will raise a higher price than the one down the block that only has a few dents.

So with this option of paintless dent repair, you can get possibly a few hundred dollars or pounds more on your vehicle than what you had planned to get with all those dings from the cars parking too close by you in a parking lot.

Get a hold of either a repair shop that does this type of work, or a mobile technician. See how many vehicles they have done and see if you can compare the prices with a regular body shop. You will be surprised at how much money you will save and the amount of time that you will have to leave your vehicle at the shop to have the work done, or to have the PDR done.

Like stated above, if you get a technician who knows what they are doing, each ding or dent will only take 10 to 20 minutes. If you go to a shop and put the vehicle in to be fixed, you’re sure to have to leave it over night at least. It might even be longer depending on how many cars they have going in front of yours. So check out PDR and get extra money from your car!

Well, you have a few choices when you get a dent or scrape in your plastic bumper on whom to get to repair it. Depending on which way you go will make the decision on how much the repair will cost you. You always have the local body shop that you can take your car into and have them charge you a possible arm and a leg to get a simple small repair done.

Well really, the first thing you need to take into consideration when deciding who to have repair your plastic bumper is just how big of a dent is it? They have these places that are a SMART repair specialist. These technicians will repair your car where you work; they come to you and fix the car.

It’s really cool that they fix the damage right in front of you, so it’s like they are basically a mobile body shop for your car. This service also works great with those dings that you receive in any shopping centre complex. Plus if you want to sell your vehicle this is a great service to think about getting, because a car that has less dents and dings and paint damage will get more money than one that looks scruffy.

So this SMART repair technician can come to the place where you work, and easily fix your bumper scuff within say 30 to 50 minutes if they have been doing it for a while. But even if it takes them a bit longer, the time and money you save on having to take your vehicle into the body shop is a tremendous savings all by itself.

Or if you want to try and do it yourself you can get some bonding agent and put in onto the damage and wait for it to dry and sand it until it’s even, and make sure that you match the contours of the bumper with the new agent you have on your car. It will take a while to get it sanded to the right spot most likely. You will need to ensure that it is smooth and looks okay too. You don’t want a potential buyer being able to see where you just got done fixing damage in your bumper.

So after you have it sanded to the right contours you will need to get a primer and put that on the bonding agent, and really a few inches around it so as to match the paint a bit easier. If you don’t do this, it may be fairly easy to see the new paint compared to the old paint. This will of course make the price of your vehicle go down too.

So you have the bumper primed, and you have the paint that will match the original paint on your vehicle. Now is the fun part of painting. You need to make sure that you do it just right and that you don’t have any drip marks on it. Let it dry and you should be pretty much done.

But heck, why go to all that trouble when you can simply call a SMART repair technician and have them fix it?

My Alloy Wheels Look New – after having them refurbished by a mobile repair company

Looking to get those scratches out of your alloys? Or are they just dented and don’t look as sharp as they should? Look into getting them fixed with a mobile repair company.

These companies offer many services from refinishing, in which your wheel will be placed in a patented Mobile Reconditioning Facility where they will be primed, cleaned, repaired, and clear coated with a technique that has been patented by the company. Your paint will be matched to what car you have, be it foreign or domestic. This repair process will normally take only about one hour, plus it’s all guaranteed.

Another service they offer to you as a customer is remanufacturing. Sometimes the wheel may be too damaged to be fixed and this will run you a bunch of money, depending on how much they cost originally of course. So with this remanufacturing offer it beats out the price of purchasing another wheel. At times, this calls for the wheel to be stripped down to the metal and remanufactured again. But it is possible to do it with no problem. The wheel will be stripped down to the aluminium surface, where the damage will be repaired with state of the art technology. The wheel will be cleaned again and primed, ready to be repainted to match your other wheels. Unfortunately this isn’t possible to do with every tyre, so they can offer you discounted prices on many wheels.

Straightening is another service that is offered by a mobile repair company. If you have uncorrected vibrations caused from dents in your wheels, it may lead to problems with your steering. Safe and effective processes are used to correct the wheel to ensure that it is straight. If you have a bend that is too hard to fix with the mobile service, it can be taken back to the shop and fixed.

Plus mobile repair shops offer many other choices, one of which is simulated chrome plating. Chrome has been banned in many places, so it’s a good idea to get a simulated chrome plating job if you want those sharp looking wheels on the road. Also offered is custom colours, in which your wheels can be matched to your vehicle.

As you can tell with a mobile repair service, you have many ways to have your car looking sharp in no time at all. So if your wheels need refinishing, call the mobile repair service and come have them work on your tyres while you’re working for the day. You’ll come out and have some great looking wheels on your car again. Plus if you’re looking to sell your vehicle, it’s always best to try and fix the little things on them first. This will stop the price of your vehicle being less than what you were hoping to get. With a new pair of wheels or at least a pair that looks new, you will easily be able to get the price you were hoping to get for your car.

What is SMART Repair?

LVV Services is the repair service of choice when it comes to car paint repair and minor paint damage. One of the reasons that LVV services are so popular is that they use a repair technique called SMART (which stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Techniques). What is SMART and why is it such a good car paint repair and minor paint damage repair technique?

SMART refers to Small and Medium Area Repair Techniques which is what many body shops use in order to keep from having to do whole body repair when it is only a small area of the car that is in need of maintenance repair. SMART covers: stone chips, key scratch repair, bumper scuff repair, cosmetic repair, paintless dent removal, windscreen chip repair, cigarette burn and upholstery repair, alloy wheel repair, alloy wheel refurbishing, connollising (leather recolouring, reconditioning, repair), plastic and fabric hood window restoration.

Why find a body repair shop that uses SMART?

You will save money when you use a body shop that utilizes SMART techniques. Because the SMART techniques allow technicians to focus solely on the small areas that need repair, they are better able to serve your exact needs. Many auto body repair shops, even when simply repairing minor paint damage will tell you that you need to have your entire vehicle repainted to match the paint.

When repairing minor paint damage or taking your car in for car paint repair, LVV services can fill the scuffed paint with new layers of paint—this will make sure that any scratches are filled in. Then the technicians will flatted the painted over scuff, buff out any dings that might still be visible and then polish the area that they have filled in. Sometimes this is enough to cover the damage completely! Why have your entire car or even the entire panel repainted (or replaced) when you can just work within the small area that needs fixing?

SMART car paint repair can fix paint chipping, scuffed bumpers, scratches in the paint, small blending in the mid panels, plastic bumpers and it can even fix damage to clear coats, restore rims and is good for paint accessories and black outs.

The only drawback to using SMART techniques to fix minor paint damage and to repair car paint damage is that, because the work is very meticulous, it can be very time consuming. SMART technicians are trained to work with painstaking attention to detail and will take the time required to make sure the job is done perfectly.

LVV services pride itself on the attention to detail employed by its technicians. They use SMART techniques because they believe that you know what needs to be fixed and don’t believe in second guessing clients. One of the best things about the SMART technicians employed by LVV is that they come to your home to work on your projects. You don’t have to find the time to go to them. LVV is the best body repair shop in South Wales and can fix any of your minor paint repair needs.

1. Remove the plastic that needs to be repaired and prep the bumper scuff area by cleaning it with a surface cleaner designed for plastic surfaces. Rinse off the cleaner, let it dry and then wipe the scuff with a prep solvent. When applying the prep solvent make sure that you are only moving in a single direction.

2. When the solvent is dry, sand the area and then form a v shaped groove into the damaged area both on the back and front fascia sides. This “v” shape will let you line up the two edges

3. Mix together the repair tears and the adhesive. Sometimes you might need to hold the repair together with masking tape on the fasciaÂ’s front side. If you like, you can add self stick fibreglass repair tape to add some structure to the area that you are repairing. The adhesive and hardener need to have equal amounts in the mixture. You will apply two layers, the second layer at a ninety degree angle to the first layer.

4. After the mixture has hardened (this can take around twenty minutes), take off the tape you applied to the front of the fascia and use sandpaper to get rid of any of the mixture that might have squeezed through and sand down any places that are above the finished fascia level. Use the repair mixture to fill any crevices or lowered spots on the fasciaÂ’s front and use a squeegee to level it off.

5. After the mixture on the front size of the fascia has hardened, sand it down to make sure that the bumper is level. Use eighty grit sandpaper first and follow it with one hundred twenty grit sandpaper. Apply a lighter coat of the repair mixture to fill any imperfections on the surface and to restore the bumpers contour and then sand that down with four hundred grit sandpaper that is wet.

6. When the bumper scuff has been repaired, you can paint it. After applying a part sealer and letting it dry, you can prime the bumper with two coats of primer surfacer (let the first coat dry before applying the second. After that, you can spray the paint onto the repaired bumper scuff. After it is dry, add a mixture of clear coat and hardener, and when everything is dry you can put the bumper back onto the car.

Of course, if this all seems like too much work, or if you arenÂ’t sure this is a process you should do by yourself, the technicians at LVV services are standing by and ready to fix your bumper scuff for you. LVV will send one of its SMART educated technicians out to your home to fix your bumper scuff. This is far more affordable than sending your car to a full auto body repair shop (which could say that you need to replace the whole bumper) and a lot easier than trying to repair your bumper scuff yourself!

Most people choose alloy wheels for their cars not because they are beautiful (even though they are very beautiful), but because alloy wheels provide the highest performance of all of the wheels out there on the car market.

Alloy wheels are aluminium cast which means that while they are very light-weight, they are also very strong. Alloy wheels dissipate brake heat better than other wheels on the market and thanks to the small amounts of rigid metals present in these wheels; cracks have a harder time of forming. Alloy wheels are available in different sizes. Alloy wheels will fit just about every car and you will be able to find them at very reasonable prices because their popularity causes the market to be very competitive.

Taking care of your alloy wheels is very important. Here are some tips on taking care of your wheels:

Protect your wheels with a coat of wax before you have them installed. This coating of wax will also make your wheels a lot easier to keep clean.

Wash your wheels frequently. You donÂ’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive wheel or metal cleaner. The best way to wash your alloy wheels is to use a simple solution of warm water and mild soap.

Use a tar and bug remover to keep your wheels from getting permanent tar stains.

Wax the wheels every once in a while. The wax helps to protect the wheels from environmental elements.

Avoid anything harsh—don’t use steel wool. Don’t use polishing compounds. Don’t use abrasive cleansers. These eat away at your wheels, not protect them.

If you are thinking of taking your car through an automatic car wash, check to see what kind of cleaners they use on your car. Some of the automatic car washes use cleaners that are acidic because they are better at getting rid of grime and dirt. Some automatic car washes use very stiff brushes to clean the car and its wheels and these brushes can cause damage to the finish on your car and wheels.

Steam cleaning is a huge no-no. Never ever steam clean your wheels or tires. The steam can cause the paint to dull and can dull the wheels’ finish.

Never clean the wheels when they are hot. Let them cool down first. If you clean the wheels while they are hot, the water dries faster and you could leave a soapy film on your wheels (or spots).

When you wash your car, clean the wheels and the tires first and clean them one at a time. If you clean them thoroughly one at a time, you donÂ’t have to worry about soap drying on one wheel while you are rinsing off another.

By performing regular cleaning and maintenance on your alloy wheels, you are taking steps to ensure that the wheels last as long as possible. This will save you money on car maintenance and a lot of money on replacing the wheels. Wheels that are maintained are replaced less often.

Most people find themselves a little strapped for cash at some stage of their lives. Usually, it’s during their late teens or early twenties, whilst studying or partying too much. Either way, it makes owning a car – and solving car repair problems on a budget – that much more difficult, as constant payments for car maintenance can quickly drain limited finances.

It is therefore, both wise and practical to exercise a little control over how much you spend when solving car repair problems. Here are a few tips that can help save the pennies so you can afford to put petrol in your vehicle and actually go places!

One way of solving car repair problems on a budget is to avoid them in the first place. By washing your car regularly yourself (instead of taking it to an automatic car wash), you will save water (if you just use one bucket and a sponge), get a bit of exercise, but more importantly, you will protect your car from needing car repairs due to corrosion from excessive dirt and dust.

Also in the avoiding car repair problems vein, is driving carefully. Naturally, if you take more care whilst driving you will reduce the risk of anything happening to your car. Reckless driving often leads to unnecessary accidents and can lead to expensive car repairs and/or personal injury to another party.

Another tip is to tend to car repair problems early on. Contacting a SMART car repair technician to run car diagnostic testing on a regular basis, although costing something, will ensure that any car repair problems that arise will be taken care of early, before they develop into more complicated or extensive ones. By leaving a small problem unattended to, you may find that it compounds and ends up costing a lot more than the service would have anyway.

An additional point is to check your warranty. Many times consumers are unaware that certain repairs are covered by the warranty. It is, therefore, prudent, to keep all relevant paperwork regarding your car and its purchase, in a safe place.

Double check your warranty. No, it’s not a misprint, it’s true. Despite some warranties clearly stating what is covered and what is not, many dealers will try to talk their way out of it. Know your rights and stand your ground. Issues such as rail dust have had mixed success from consumers trying to get a replacement vehicle that has not been affected by it.

Should you have a small accident and scratch your car, then a paintless dent removal specialist can perform a car repair job that will leave you thinking you bought a new car! The price paid for this service is considerably cheaper than taking your car to a garage, a panel beater, or a painter, and the result is quite amazing.

It is important that should your car require significant car repairs, you use a reputable garage to avoid discovering the same problems resurfacing at a later date.

Whichever method you choose, it is still hard to believe that the paint used in car paint repair today originated from a substance comprised of items such as berries, blood, plants, soot and ash, during the cave men era.

Entering car repairs into any Internet search engine will direct you easily to a myriad of sites that focus on various aspects of car repairs for large and small cars. Linked to many of these are forums where you can chat to other users and gain insightful knowledge about the best garages, service personnel, and other tips for car repairs on a budget.

Smart repair specialists to the motor trade ,covering South Wales and the Valleys.

When something goes wrong in your car, you have two options: one is to attack the problem yourself; and the other is to have a car diagnostics specialist take a look at it.

As recently as twenty years ago, tackling the problem yourself was a viable option if you knew your way around a car. Unfortunately, the downside to this option was that it took time. More often than not, it was a case of trial and error, checking and re-checking. Then there was the waiting for the replacement parts, followed by their installation.

Nowadays however, most cars have complex electronic control systems installed, sometimes with as many as 10 units in the one car! Checking these complicated systems yourself could prove dangerous or in the case of airbags, even fatal, should you not know exactly what you are doing.

The car diagnostic system is usually situated near the dashboard area or around the central console and is accessed by a port, known as a European On Board Diagnostics or EOBD, port. It is designed to reduce the emissions released into the atmosphere in an attempt to make vehicle fuel consumption more efficient and therefore more economical.

The design of the EOBD means that a car diagnostics technician can plug in specialist equipment to an EOBD port, and locate the problem in a matter of minutes for the majority of problems. Although the EOBD tool does not cover every single car on the market, its model range is fairly impressive covering a wide selection of cars from Europe and Japan. It also covers a few models from America.

For those of you who are unsure what constitutes a Car diagnostic problem, they are listed here and can include the systems of Engine Management, Airbag / SRS, ABS / Traction Control, Air Conditioning, Automatic Transmission, Chassis Network, Diesel Management, Immobiliser, Key encode, and Service Light Resetting. and CANbus Systems.

CANbus is a fairly new system and internationally standardised: ISO 11898. Originally developed by Bosch, it consists of only two cables, making the likelihood of error very remote. In order to read the data, which is transferred at speeds of up to 1MB per second, an adaptor is required. Experienced car diagnostic technicians carry one of these on them. It is not advised for car owners not experienced in car diagnostics to attempt to access this system in any other way.

Even if there is no problem with your car, you might still need the services of a car diagnostic technician if, for example, you want to turn off the airbag facility, due to small babies, elderly or sick people being put at risk by travelling in a seat where a front-facing airbag is active. A car diagnostic technician can help you do this.

In some countries where extreme weather conditions prevail, it is worthwhile having a car diagnostic technician check over your car on a regular basis. In this way you can prevent potentially life-threatening problems from occurring.

Probably the greatest difference between car diagnostics twenty years ago and car diagnostics today is that there are diagnostic technicians who are completely mobile now, saving the consumer, time, money and inconvenience. Interestingly enough, car diagnostics technicians are usually skilled paintless dent removal technicians too.

Smart Car Repair & Motoring

Nowadays, when taking care of the environment has become a priority, it has been realised that enough small changes made by many people can make a difference. Not just limited to recycling cans and saving electricity, this also extends to driving. If you are smart, car repair and motoring need not be such a burden on your surroundings.

Here are a few changes you can make, some of which will benefit not only the environment, but your safety and hip pocket as well!

Alter your lifestyle:

It has been discovered that if 10% of the population used their car one day less a week, that every year 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide would be saved from going up into the atmosphere. So, try staying at home one day extra a week (working, not lazing around!). Alternatively, join a car pool.

Use SMART car repair for damages:

Whatever brand your car is, treat minor damages the SMART (Small To Medium Repair Technique) way. SMART car repair can not only save you a fair amount of money, but can help the environment too, as the damaged parts – particularly plastic ones – do not have to be replaced.

A lot of SMART car repair jobs also take a lot less time than at a garage. In addition, many SMART car repair jobs can be done on your premises, saving you the petrol used to travel there, as well as time and inconvenience.

Techniques that SMART car repair undertake include paintless dent removal, seat and trim repair, plastic welding and bumper repair, air conditioning repair, and alloy wheel repair.

Get SMART car repair technicians to check you out:

Illuminated warning signals on your dashboard need immediate attention as they could indicate serious problems indirectly leading to inefficient fuel consumption (in addition to the car being unsafe to drive!). Make use of SMART car repair services, which also include a car diagnostics service to ensure the problem does not escalate.

Choose a car that facilitates your lifestyle:

If you mainly use it as a run around, then a small car or electric one would be much better than a 4WD, which will use a lot more petrol and cost a lot more to run and maintain, though SMART car repair can reduce a lot of those costs in the case of minor damage.

For regular long-distance drivers, a diesel engine uses less fuel than a petrol engine, so would be a better choice – environmentally speaking.

Slow down:

Putting the “pedal to the metal” may be cool in films, but in reality, it’s an excessive waste of petrol radically and unnecessarily increasing your fuel consumption. By reducing your speed from 135 kms/hr to 112 kms/hr, your fuel efficiency increases to 25%. By travelling between 80 and 96 kms/hr, your fuel consumption will be at its optimum.

Alter your driving:

Slamming on the brakes or accelerating suddenly also increases fuel consumption and increases your risk of an accident. Although SMART car repair services are quite comprehensive, if you lurch forward in slow-moving traffic and smash into the car in front causing considerable damage, SMART car repair technicians may not be able to fix it.

Use mobile services:

Where possible and practical, use mobile services that come to you, rather than you going to them, such as SMART car repair services. You will save on petrol and reduce fuel emissions.


Try walking (rather than driving) to your destination. It will alleviate any thoughts about fuel consumption or SMART car repair services, will be better for your health, and better for the environment!