Paintless dent repair is the new thing. It’s so much less to pay to have done to your car than taking it to a body shop. Also, it’s a lot less time to have this procedure done on your vehicle. With the experienced technician working on your vehicle, a repair of a dent or a ding should only take around 10 to 20 minutes.

You can see that the time is so short; that a person who is able to do this paintless dent repair can actually come to your office and repair your vehicle while you’re at work during the day. Or perhaps you can take it to their shop during the day at lunch time. It will be done in time for you to still get a bite to eat and get back before your lunch is even done.

The procedure is very easy. It’s done from the inside of the vehicle, and the dent or ding is basically massaged out of the vehicle by pushing it out. You can access almost any area of the car from the inside very simply to do these procedures.

Once you become an expert technician a repair will take you no time at all, and then all you need to do is decide on whether you want to have a shop where people can come and you repair their dings and dents, or if you want to get a van and place your tools on the inside and offer a mobile service to all those hard working people out there.

Whichever way you decide to go about it PDR is a great source of income, and once you do someone’s car they are sure to pass along to their friends how well you did and how quickly you were done. This word of mouth advertising will do your business a bunch of good, because there is nothing better than a happy customer who passes on the word about how good your work was. Plus they will tell everyone just how inexpensive it was too.

Before long you’re sure to be having calls around the clock to come and fix some ding or dent on a vehicle. You can also put ads up in libraries or other stores to advertise your business and what you offer. It would be a great way to build up a steady customer base, because we all know just how quickly you can get those dings and dents in a vehicle.

So read up on PDR a bit more and see how you would access the different areas of the car to fix them, or give one of our Cardiff dent repair technicians a call and get your dents removed the hassle free way. They are all very simple techniques or at least they look that way when carried out by an expert, and once you practice and get to be good at PDR it will take you no time at all to be fixing cars and to earn some great money. Get out there today and see if PDR may be a new job for you to try, and one that you will help everyone out with.

I sold my car because it was dent free – by getting the dents repaired it sold easily

Trying to sell a vehicle and you notice a whole bunch of those little dents and dings? Dents from other cars hitting your doors in the parking lots, or little rocks hitting your vehicle as you’re driving? It doesn’t matter how you got them, but what does matter is what it makes your car look like while you’re trying to sell it.

You can get this new service called PDR or paintless dent repair. It’s really awesome. It doesn’t cost near as much as taking your vehicle into the repair shop, and the time in which the dents and dings are done is tremendously faster, like 10 to 20 minutes per ding or dent if you have an experienced technician. If not it may take a bit longer, but it really shouldn’t take that much time.

There are ways that these technicians get at the dents and dings from the inside of the vehicle, and then what they do is basically massage the dent or ding out of the car. It’s a very cool process, and if you learn how to do it you will make a bunch of money helping people sell their vehicles by making them look sharp and without dings.

So if you want to get your vehicle sold and you want to get the most money out of it that you can, you should check into PDR and see if they can help your vehicle look almost brand new, if not brand new. You would be sure to get more money from a car that has no dents and dings than one that is covered by them. A car that is sharp looking and has no dents will raise a higher price than the one down the block that only has a few dents.

So with this option of paintless dent repair, you can get possibly a few hundred dollars or pounds more on your vehicle than what you had planned to get with all those dings from the cars parking too close by you in a parking lot.

Get a hold of either a repair shop that does this type of work, or a mobile technician. See how many vehicles they have done and see if you can compare the prices with a regular body shop. You will be surprised at how much money you will save and the amount of time that you will have to leave your vehicle at the shop to have the work done, or to have the PDR done.

Like stated above, if you get a technician who knows what they are doing, each ding or dent will only take 10 to 20 minutes. If you go to a shop and put the vehicle in to be fixed, you’re sure to have to leave it over night at least. It might even be longer depending on how many cars they have going in front of yours. So check out PDR and get extra money from your car!

We live in an age where it is almost necessary to have a vehicle. It has slowly become an important part of our lives. It helps us to travel from one place to another. Whether you are traveling to work, going for a movie, shopping or just a long drive, there are hundreds of factors that can cause a dent on your car. Infact, even a hail storm can cause a small dent or a ding. Once there is dent on your vehicle, the first thing that will cross your mind is about getting the dent repaired.

Even though a dent can be quite small and nearly invisible but that doesn’t mean that you ignore them. The dent repair process can be initiated in all types or segments of cars like SUV, compact cars, family sedans and also on vans and trailer trucks. The time taken for dent repair varies from one body shop to another and can take anywhere from one day to a couple of days. If you have to leave your car at a body shop for a few days then traveling becomes difficult and inconvenient.

We at LVV Services Ltd. understand the importance of dent removal and treat it as an urgent work because we respect your time. Hence, we offer mobile dent repair services in South Wales, Cardiff , Swansea , and Newport . If you are located in Swansea , then you can visit our dent repair Swansea shop and avail our services. We have a team of trained professionals who can repair your car dents in the fastest possible time. All you need to do is just call us.

Auto dent repair is done using two different methods – paint restoration repair and paintless dent repair ( PDR ). The Paint restoration repair technique is used for treating large dents and it needs processes that involve pulling or pounding dents, grinding, chiseling, and sanding. Our dent repair technicians use common tools like pullers, drills, dent hammers, fender picks, and rivets for the work depending on the nature of damage.

There are times when the dent is large and it cannot be repaired using the Paint restoration repair technique or PDR. The only way of treating such dents is through removal of the entire panel. The panel can be removed through pulling and pounding and then later on welding to attach the new portion. Once the welding is done, primer is added on the repaired area to enhance further painting.

PDR or paintless auto dent repair on the other hand is one of the most popular processes for repairing smaller dents. In the pdr process, we remove the dents using specialized tools. We start from the outer edges so that the original factory finish paint remains as such and your cost of painting is also considerably reduced. Our mobile dent repair teams specialize in the art of Paintless Dent Repair in and around South Wales, Cardiff , Swansea , and Newport .

Why choose us? Because, we:

• Provide Dent removal that will not cost you the Earth

• Provide multiple panel discounts

• Have a Mobile Dent Repair Service

• Help you to increase your vehicles value by up to 15%

• Can do cosmetic repairs for all types of cars, vans and trucks

• Apply paintless dent removal or PDR for smaller or minor dents

• Can work on your time, at your place. You don’t have to bring the car to our garage

• Can repair door strikes, shopping trolley dings etc

mobile dent repair services will take away your headache and reach out to you when you need us the most. Our services will help save you time and money, and at the same time provide complete satisfaction through an effective dent removal process. You can find more information on how to save money through PDR and dent repairs and at

Bodyshop or Dentmaster

Imagine having bought a new car and the next day you discover that you new car has a dent. Your first stop will undoubtedly be the dent repair body shop in an attempt to get the dent repaired. After all, it’s a new car and even the smallest of dents is not acceptable. If you are staying in or around Cardiff, then you can take your car to a dent repair shop in Cardiff . You should be prepared to leave your car at the repair shop for a few days.

However, there is an alternative choice. You could use a dentmaster technician for your dent repair. LVV Services has qualified PDR technicians to repair your dents. LVV Services is a mobile dent repair company. The dentmaster technicians use a technique called PDR (Paintless Dent Removal)

Visiting a Bodyshop can be expensive and time consuming. However, by choosing to call LVV Services, you can arrange for one of our technicians to call at your convenience. We charge competitive but reasonable prices! We at LVV Services Ltd. have dedicated and skilled technicians in our mobile dent repair company that cover South Wales , Cardiff , Swansea and Newport .

What can a dentmaster repair or dent repair shop offer?

The Body Shop provides:

A thorough paint restoration repair process for dents.
They will take more time – the standard time is two to three days.
The dent repair techniques involve processes like filling dents, grinding and sanding to get them back into shape.
Some of the common tools used by a dent shop include dent hammers, pullers, drills, etc.
You will end up paying more money. In the long run it will not be cost effective because your car can get dings and dents every month!
They will grind off the original factory paint and re-paint it. This can reduce the resale value of your car.

The Dentmaster technique provides:

A repair carried out from behind the panel
Our Dentmaster technicians are expertly trained in the effective use of special tools
At LVV Services Ltd., dent repair is a small procedure that will take a few hours at most.
The Dentmaster PDR method uses “gentle massaging” of the dent area to get it back to its original appearance
An excellent solution for small dings and dents
It is cost effective and will save both your time and money.

Paintless dent repair or PDR is a specialized method of car dent removal where specialized tools are used to fix vehicle dents. This method is highly effective when compared to manual repair. The PDR variety of dent repair stretches out the metal of your vehicle with the use of tools and then smoothens it out to restore its glossy and sleek appearance. PDR is rapidly growing in popularity amongst leading repair companies. As a good remedy for your car dents, PDR is soon becoming a preferred method of dent repair in South Wales, Newport and other parts of UK.

The evolution of PDR

In the past, Paintless Dent Repair technicians were like specialist surgeons. They were called in to do an urgent job on special demand by a client who wanted a car fixed. Of late, things have changed. With the increasing demand for PDR, repair services in Swansea, Cardiff, South Wales and Newport now hire full time experts to handle your orders.

They are internally trained as technicians to be able to do a professional job. Additionally, they are trained to use tools which are specially designed and created to fix dents on cars, trucks and minivans. So the next time you require Paintless Dent Repair you no longer have to wait in line for your turn. These technicians are ready to handle your job on time and within budget.

Tools for PDR

Due to the growing necessity for dent repair, specialized tools have been created to handle the task. These tools are now easy to use, lighter on the hands and much more effective. You have the option of buying these tools from well known companies who manufacture them. However, it would be better to leave the PDR job to professionals who know what they are doing.

If you want your car to look as good as new then don’t tackle the repair yourself. There may be times when you cannot manage the dent and you will only end up making it worse. By enlisting the help of technicians who have been specially trained to do the job, you are guaranteed of excellent results.

What to look for?

The demand for PDR is rapidly increasing and so is the number of centers that offer this service. But why risk your car at mediocre workshops when you can choose to go to the best. Choose a specialized repair services that works in different locations such as Swansea, Cardiff, South Wales and Newport. A wider network will ensure more credibility and better dent repair service. A professional set up will have highly trained technicians who have many years of experience in PDR. They will be able to gauge the extent of damage and determine the best remedy. Selecting a reputed repair center or mobile service will save you money in the long run.

You may be pulling into the parking lot of a luxury hotel, but if your car is dented and scratched up it won’t make a great statement. Thanks to car dent removal, from factory colors like blazing red, to custom paint jobs, you can make sure that the paint of your vehicle is glossy and sleek.

However, even if you are very careful while driving, accidents are inevitable. Dents can certainly spoil the look of your car. Minor dents can be repaired by Paintless Dent Repair. It doesn’t matter if you are living in South Wales, Bridgend, Swansea, Cardiff or Newport. Just find a good repair service that offers PDR.

Paintless Dent Repair

The metal of your vehicle is made from a pliable material and it may be applied with a powder coat or a polymer color. The skill lies in repairing the dent without allowing the paint to peel or crack. With professional car dent removal services you can get your car to look as good as new.

How is it done?

Paintless Dent Repair or PDR involves massaging the dent out from your car to retain its original look. This type of repair gets rid of even the smallest of dents. This is what a good dent removal service provider can do if it is brought to their attention early on.

Aside from assuring you of good service, its technicians will work to bring you superior results. There are several advantages in choosing an expert repair service. For starters, a good repair services will be available in different cities to be able to service you better. They will use quality tools and have a professional set up to be able to cater to your order. A reputed car dent removal service center will give you your money’s worth and will not waste your resources.

A good investment

Price should not be the sole deciding factor when choosing car dent removal services. You need to identify what is most beneficial for your car. Does it require Paintless Dent Repair or more extensive work? A consultation with a specialist will greatly help you diagnose the problem area. If you penny pinch today you may have to repeat the repair process sooner than expected. Therefore, you might as well, go in for a professional service to start with.

Talk to the experts

Prior to opting for car dent removal talk to different repair centers and discuss options of Paintless Dent Repair. It is a wise solution for minor paint damage. Your location should not be a problem as there are reliable centers in South Wales, Bridgend, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport. Be sure to question your technician to find out if he really knows what PDR is all about and how it can better your car. The right questions will give you a lot of information on which to base your final decision. A professional will be able to put you at ease immediately.

Is your company car due back? Are you a little worried about the dent removal and car paint repair that didn’t happen over the time of the lease? Maybe you should be too. Minor damage like that can add considerably to your leasing bill.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

At LVV Services Ltd we know our way around dent removal and car paint repair. It’s what we do best. And when your company car is due back with the leasing company, we are here to help you out and save ££££ on your vehicle return costs.

We have a saying at LVV, “Our best work goes unnoticed.” It’s true that you won’t see the join, so to speak, after one of our technicians has done his magic. It wouldn’t be a good repair otherwise.

But the leasing company will notice when you put the car back. No, they won’t notice any signs of dent removal or repair marks, and that’s the whole point – they will simply be delighted that there’s no damage to be seen!

Leasing a company car is easy. The convenience is obvious; you pick it up, use it and give it back when the time comes around. Do you worry about the condition it’s in when you return it? Do you think about small dent removal, or spots needing car paint repair?

You should! It can cost you a lot of money.

At LVV Services Ltd we are proud to be a Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry (MIMI). We are insurance company approved, and they don’t give out repair work to just anyone. They are footing the car repair bills, so they need to know that each job will be up to a consistently high professional standard. It always is and that’s why they approve us.

Scratches and dents happen. When it’s your own pride and joy you’ll be more concerned and more likely to think about car dent remover techniques. However, no one has sleepless nights over the dent removal needs of a leased company car.

You may find yourself worrying about your vehicle return costs though. All the little minor scrapes and dents. They all add up to a thoroughly scuffed car that hasn’t been loved enough. And the leasing company will simply make sure that someone pays.

That someone will be you – unless you do something about it now!

You can save a considerable amount by removing dents and removing car scratches as they happen. Your leased vehicle-return costs will plummet and you will get to keep all the money you so cleverly save.

The leasing company will mark you down as a responsible company, the kind they would rather do business with in future. If there are any perks going, expect to be the one in line to receive them. The other guy returning his scratched and dented leased company car won’t even get a smile!

LVV Services Ltd really is a one-stop mobile shop for small to medium repairs to a car body or internal trim. Our customer base in the south Wales are has been waxing lyrical about our service ever since we started out in 1994.

I think T Hughes of Swansea summed it up best when he told us, “I can’t even tell where the scratch was, amazing!”

Call us now and let us drive down your vehicle return costs. All those dings and dents will vanish as if by magic. We really can save you ££££!

You don’t have to know how to make a paintless dent repair, or figure out paint scratch removal. That’s our job. We understand that little dents and marks are a part of life – a part you don’t want right now, for it’s time to put the rental car back!

Let us help you!

You’ve had your rental car for some time. You’ve loved driving it and using it, but now it has to go back. You’ve been trying not to think about the few – OK, several – dings and dents, scrapes and scratches that “somehow” managed to happen.

At LVV Services Ltd we are right at the forefront of SMART repairs. That’s, Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques, in our language, but smart in every way for you.

Do you know how a rental company views a returned car that has that scuffed and bumped look? They don’t like it. They won’t shout and threaten you, or bring in the heavy mob, but they will inflict the pain where it can hurt you most – in your wallet!

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Consider a service that gives you all this:

No need to take time out to deliver the car to a distant garage for minor repairs.
No need to worry about added insurance premium – the cost is usually below the excess.
No need to worry about the quality of the repair – expert service has been provided since 1994.
No need to collect the car when the repairs are done – it never left your premises!

Does that sound like a good deal to you?

There’s no call out charge either. If the technician who visits you to assess the damage feels he can’t take on the job, for whatever reasons, not only will he politely tell you so, but he’ll advise you on your best course of action as well – FREE!

Do you worry about the environment? I know, you’re wondering why I’m bringing that up in the middle of a discussion on dent remover. It’s relevant though, for when you replace a whole part instead of just carrying out the dent repair, you add to the burden we all place on the environment.

Just think about it. You can add your little bit of effort to helping the environment by having a paintless dent repair, or a spot of invisible touch up paint instead of replacing the whole part. Most of the damaged part is usually perfectly fine anyway – it’s just the actual damage that ever needs to be replaced.

That’s how we do dent repair.

Of course, you can take your rental car to a more traditional 20th century body shop. They’ll do the job, and they’ll hand you a traditional bill for it too. At LVV Services Ltd you’ll get a 21st century seamless repair that will actually save you money on rental return costs.

Think about that for a moment…

Our customer base used to be mainly from the motor trade. We still have those customers, but increasingly we are seeing ordinary people becoming private customers and enjoying all the benefits we have to offer.

If you live in the south Wales area, give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you. We’d love to help you out!

Repairing Alloy Wheels

It is not hard to put a scratch on a set of alloy wheel rims. Simply bumping into the curb as you are rounding the corner is enough to scratch up the aluminum.

Sports racing enthusiasts are likely to go running into the streets at the sight of a scratched alloy wheel rim. The first instinct is to strip the car of its imperfection and replace it with a nice, new shiny alloy wheel. This line of thinking falls into the use-it, toss-it mentality. For those that can afford to do this, that is a great option. For the average driver, replacing alloy wheels is not an option.

Alloy wheel repairs are quickly becoming one of the most performed actions in auto body shops worldwide. Drivers chose to repair the alloy wheels mainly because the cost of buying new ones fresh off the showroom floor in expensive. Another reason is that the driver has developed an emotional attachment to the current alloy wheel rims on a vehicle. The thought of parting with a piece of the car body is simply unheard of.

Many of the alloy wheels that roll into auto body shops are in need of a fresh facelift from damage or wear and tear. Alloy wheel repair requires a fare amount of bodywork to be completed. The first step in repair is to smooth out any spots, dings and ridges located on the wheel rim surface. To do this, many body shops use a small grinder to work the edges and finer areas of the wheel rim surface. The grinder also helps to smooth out sharp edges that may be caused by bumping a curb or running over a rough road surface.

This step can be completed at home in the driveway before bringing the car into an auto body shop for further repair. It is referred to as the initial step of alloy wheel rebuild.

Next is a maneuver that should be completed by an auto body mechanic. Epoxy material is applied to the wheel surface in order to fill in any existing gaps or low spots. This material acts as a strengthening agent as well. In some cases, the epoxy material can create a stronger rebuilt wheel rim than the stock rim originally on the car.

A small welder is then utilized to blend the epoxy material on the wheel surface. The welder runs around the entire circumference on the outer lip of the wheel. Once applied, the entire wheel is reconditioned to a virtually new appearance.

The final step is restored the alloy wheel to its original mint condition. Buffed, shined and ready for action, the newly repaired alloy wheel is balanced and ready to hit the road.

The majority of cracked, bent or worn alloy wheels can be repaired. Cracks impose the greatest damage potential to alloy wheels. Left untreated, cracks cause major damage to the entire rim structure. Damage to spoke areas, lug areas or the inner lip rim is irreparable.

When in doubt, take the vehicle to a local auto body shop for a second opinion.

Running any size of a car fleet is costly to any business. Repairing minor damage, worrying about touch ups, paintless dent removal, and the constantly lowering resale value all takes its toll.

We can save you around 50% of your usual costs of keeping your vehicles looking good and scratch and dent free. This can represent a significant saving running into hundreds of pounds too.

We specialise in fixing car dents – even paintless dent removal, and applying touchup paint in a way that will have you swearing that there never was a scratch there in the first place. The slogan we have adopted, “our best work goes unnoticed,” is not an idle boast.

Traditional body shop repair costs are known to be hefty at times. Ours isn’t! You can reap all the benefits of our lower charges by becoming a private customer and enjoying the sheer convenience of our mobile service.

Businesses and individuals in the south Wales area have been benefiting from our special SMART repairs (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) since 1994. In that time we have built up an expertise and knowledge you can access from just a phone call away.

Having cars pulled from your fleet for repairs, even small repairs, is a considerable inconvenience. We know this and that’s why we have found ways to limit the time you lose. A visit from one of our LVV technicians means that they will work around your time and needs on your premises. You stay in control at all times.

Perhaps the best bit from your point of view is that you don’t need to leave your car in someone else’s garage for days. For all you know they could be creating more dents instead of engaging in paintless dent removal, or making scratches that were never there in the first place!

With the traditional way you have delivery time, repair time, and collection time. And then there’s the traditional hefty charge too.

With us, all you need to do is give us a call. An LVV expert will drop round and take in the situation. If all is well, and it usually is, all he will need is access to your electricity supply and perhaps a cup of tea if there’s one going.

He won’t hang around all day and clutter up your premises either. You can expect a SMART repair to be quick and efficient. And the bill at the end of it all? Expect to be surprised – but in a very nice way.

Our customer base since we started out has mostly been from the motor trade. Now, however, we are seeing more and more private customers who are realising the cost-effective benefits of our mobile service. We don’t have a call out charge. We only fix the damaged bit, not the whole part. And we usually manage to keep repair costs to under your insurance excess. That keeps your annual premium happy.

People are busy these days. That’s why we go to you. You have no delivery time, no lengthy repair time running into days, and no collection time to worry about. And did I mention that you can save 50% or more compared to traditional body shop costs?

You can, whether it’s fixing a scratch and dent with paintless dent removal, or a spot of touch up paint application, making all the damage completely invisible. Call us and see first hand how you can benefit today.