Is your company car due back? Are you a little worried about the dent removal and car paint repair that didn’t happen over the time of the lease? Maybe you should be too. Minor damage like that can add considerably to your leasing bill.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

At LVV Services Ltd we know our way around dent removal and car paint repair. It’s what we do best. And when your company car is due back with the leasing company, we are here to help you out and save ££££ on your vehicle return costs.

We have a saying at LVV, “Our best work goes unnoticed.” It’s true that you won’t see the join, so to speak, after one of our technicians has done his magic. It wouldn’t be a good repair otherwise.

But the leasing company will notice when you put the car back. No, they won’t notice any signs of dent removal or repair marks, and that’s the whole point – they will simply be delighted that there’s no damage to be seen!

Leasing a company car is easy. The convenience is obvious; you pick it up, use it and give it back when the time comes around. Do you worry about the condition it’s in when you return it? Do you think about small dent removal, or spots needing car paint repair?

You should! It can cost you a lot of money.

At LVV Services Ltd we are proud to be a Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry (MIMI). We are insurance company approved, and they don’t give out repair work to just anyone. They are footing the car repair bills, so they need to know that each job will be up to a consistently high professional standard. It always is and that’s why they approve us.

Scratches and dents happen. When it’s your own pride and joy you’ll be more concerned and more likely to think about car dent remover techniques. However, no one has sleepless nights over the dent removal needs of a leased company car.

You may find yourself worrying about your vehicle return costs though. All the little minor scrapes and dents. They all add up to a thoroughly scuffed car that hasn’t been loved enough. And the leasing company will simply make sure that someone pays.

That someone will be you – unless you do something about it now!

You can save a considerable amount by removing dents and removing car scratches as they happen. Your leased vehicle-return costs will plummet and you will get to keep all the money you so cleverly save.

The leasing company will mark you down as a responsible company, the kind they would rather do business with in future. If there are any perks going, expect to be the one in line to receive them. The other guy returning his scratched and dented leased company car won’t even get a smile!

LVV Services Ltd really is a one-stop mobile shop for small to medium repairs to a car body or internal trim. Our customer base in the south Wales are has been waxing lyrical about our service ever since we started out in 1994.

I think T Hughes of Swansea summed it up best when he told us, “I can’t even tell where the scratch was, amazing!”

Call us now and let us drive down your vehicle return costs. All those dings and dents will vanish as if by magic. We really can save you ££££!

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