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Cardiff SMART Paint Damage Repair

When selling your car in and around Cardiff, the appearance to any buyer or Cardiff Car dealer is very important. Any imperfections will detract from the value of your vehicle. So How is your Bodywork ? Need Help Restoring it? Minor Marks on your wing mirror may mean that the buyer or dealer offers you less even telling you your mirror needs replacing. An expensive solution! Scratches on doors or Scuffs on bumpers may require body shop attention. An expensive solution! Cardiff L V V technicians can usually make good any minor paint scratches and scuffs at a fraction of body shop prices helping you to get the maximum price for your car OR you may even change your mind in parting with your vehicle once it has acquired a new lease of life and once again is looking at its best. So fill in our form or give us a call and see if we can Help – 07977 514324


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