Leather can be a very fussy material to place inside of a vehicle. Some vehicles hold up well under the pressure of luscious leather upholstery. Years go by without the slightest sign of wear and tear. Other vehicles seem to repel leather the minute it starts to cover the seats. Even in the best cases, after time all leather car seats begin to show signs of needing a face lift.

One way to keep this from occurring later rather than sooner is proper maintenance of leather car seats. Moisturize leather seats as often as possible. Leather is a sturdy fabric that needs to remain moist otherwise it will start to dry out and crack. Retail shops carry different brands of leather moisturizer. It is a matter of personal preference on which one to select. The basic function of each is the same.

Leather seat maintenance can go along way towards improving on the monetary value of a vehicle investment. Leather car seat repair includes maintenance to seats, carpets, headliners and dash boards. The two basic procedures for leather car seat maintenance is leather re-coloring and upholstery repair.

Leather re-coloring is the process of restoring the original color of leather upholstery. One method of doing so is referred to as connollising. This name derives from the Connolly leather company. These leather innovators were among the first to start repairing the colors of leather upholstery in cars. For that reason, this is an old fashion, traditional leather repair method.

The other method for leather re-coloring is buttonizing. Through this method, an owner can actually change the original color of leather upholstery. In addition, unique colors like flip tones to lighter shades is possible. This is a new method on the leather coloring market.

Leather starts to show signs of wear over time. When this occurs, tears in the upholstery begin to occur. It is essential that these tears are repaired as soon as possible. Leather car repairs are done in a small area when there is a small tear to work with. Leaving a tear untreated will only serve to increase the size of the repair area. By doing so, there more of a chance the repaired section will not match the remaining untouched upholstery.

Custom techniques are used to treat leather upholstery issues in door panels and head liners. Many repair shops use a technique called invisible mending. Here the damaged area is treated with replacement fibers that appear invisible once in place. This is recommended for low traffic areas such as door panels. Car seats would not be a viable option for this sort of leather car seat repair.

Other damage done to leather upholstery such as cigarette burns and tears on the car seat upholstery, are repaired with stronger fibers. The material used here are heavy weight, durable fabrics that improve the function and appearance of leather upholstery in a vehicle.

Leather upholstery in cars is an attractive feature for the appearance it provides. A little maintenance and quick repairs can extend the life of leather car upholstery.

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