Most people choose alloy wheels for their cars not because they are beautiful (even though they are very beautiful), but because alloy wheels provide the highest performance of all of the wheels out there on the car market.

Alloy wheels are aluminium cast which means that while they are very light-weight, they are also very strong. Alloy wheels dissipate brake heat better than other wheels on the market and thanks to the small amounts of rigid metals present in these wheels; cracks have a harder time of forming. Alloy wheels are available in different sizes. Alloy wheels will fit just about every car and you will be able to find them at very reasonable prices because their popularity causes the market to be very competitive.

Taking care of your alloy wheels is very important. Here are some tips on taking care of your wheels:

Protect your wheels with a coat of wax before you have them installed. This coating of wax will also make your wheels a lot easier to keep clean.

Wash your wheels frequently. You donÂ’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive wheel or metal cleaner. The best way to wash your alloy wheels is to use a simple solution of warm water and mild soap.

Use a tar and bug remover to keep your wheels from getting permanent tar stains.

Wax the wheels every once in a while. The wax helps to protect the wheels from environmental elements.

Avoid anything harsh—don’t use steel wool. Don’t use polishing compounds. Don’t use abrasive cleansers. These eat away at your wheels, not protect them.

If you are thinking of taking your car through an automatic car wash, check to see what kind of cleaners they use on your car. Some of the automatic car washes use cleaners that are acidic because they are better at getting rid of grime and dirt. Some automatic car washes use very stiff brushes to clean the car and its wheels and these brushes can cause damage to the finish on your car and wheels.

Steam cleaning is a huge no-no. Never ever steam clean your wheels or tires. The steam can cause the paint to dull and can dull the wheels’ finish.

Never clean the wheels when they are hot. Let them cool down first. If you clean the wheels while they are hot, the water dries faster and you could leave a soapy film on your wheels (or spots).

When you wash your car, clean the wheels and the tires first and clean them one at a time. If you clean them thoroughly one at a time, you donÂ’t have to worry about soap drying on one wheel while you are rinsing off another.

By performing regular cleaning and maintenance on your alloy wheels, you are taking steps to ensure that the wheels last as long as possible. This will save you money on car maintenance and a lot of money on replacing the wheels. Wheels that are maintained are replaced less often.

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