1. Remove the plastic that needs to be repaired and prep the bumper scuff area by cleaning it with a surface cleaner designed for plastic surfaces. Rinse off the cleaner, let it dry and then wipe the scuff with a prep solvent. When applying the prep solvent make sure that you are only moving in a single direction.

2. When the solvent is dry, sand the area and then form a v shaped groove into the damaged area both on the back and front fascia sides. This “v” shape will let you line up the two edges

3. Mix together the repair tears and the adhesive. Sometimes you might need to hold the repair together with masking tape on the fasciaÂ’s front side. If you like, you can add self stick fibreglass repair tape to add some structure to the area that you are repairing. The adhesive and hardener need to have equal amounts in the mixture. You will apply two layers, the second layer at a ninety degree angle to the first layer.

4. After the mixture has hardened (this can take around twenty minutes), take off the tape you applied to the front of the fascia and use sandpaper to get rid of any of the mixture that might have squeezed through and sand down any places that are above the finished fascia level. Use the repair mixture to fill any crevices or lowered spots on the fasciaÂ’s front and use a squeegee to level it off.

5. After the mixture on the front size of the fascia has hardened, sand it down to make sure that the bumper is level. Use eighty grit sandpaper first and follow it with one hundred twenty grit sandpaper. Apply a lighter coat of the repair mixture to fill any imperfections on the surface and to restore the bumpers contour and then sand that down with four hundred grit sandpaper that is wet.

6. When the bumper scuff has been repaired, you can paint it. After applying a part sealer and letting it dry, you can prime the bumper with two coats of primer surfacer (let the first coat dry before applying the second. After that, you can spray the paint onto the repaired bumper scuff. After it is dry, add a mixture of clear coat and hardener, and when everything is dry you can put the bumper back onto the car.

Of course, if this all seems like too much work, or if you arenÂ’t sure this is a process you should do by yourself, the technicians at LVV services are standing by and ready to fix your bumper scuff for you. LVV will send one of its SMART educated technicians out to your home to fix your bumper scuff. This is far more affordable than sending your car to a full auto body repair shop (which could say that you need to replace the whole bumper) and a lot easier than trying to repair your bumper scuff yourself!

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