LVV Services is the repair service of choice when it comes to car paint repair and minor paint damage. One of the reasons that LVV services are so popular is that they use a repair technique called SMART (which stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Techniques). What is SMART and why is it such a good car paint repair and minor paint damage repair technique?

SMART refers to Small and Medium Area Repair Techniques which is what many body shops use in order to keep from having to do whole body repair when it is only a small area of the car that is in need of maintenance repair. SMART covers: stone chips, key scratch repair, bumper scuff repair, cosmetic repair, paintless dent removal, windscreen chip repair, cigarette burn and upholstery repair, alloy wheel repair, alloy wheel refurbishing, connollising (leather recolouring, reconditioning, repair), plastic and fabric hood window restoration.

Why find a body repair shop that uses SMART?

You will save money when you use a body shop that utilizes SMART techniques. Because the SMART techniques allow technicians to focus solely on the small areas that need repair, they are better able to serve your exact needs. Many auto body repair shops, even when simply repairing minor paint damage will tell you that you need to have your entire vehicle repainted to match the paint.

When repairing minor paint damage or taking your car in for car paint repair, LVV services can fill the scuffed paint with new layers of paint—this will make sure that any scratches are filled in. Then the technicians will flatted the painted over scuff, buff out any dings that might still be visible and then polish the area that they have filled in. Sometimes this is enough to cover the damage completely! Why have your entire car or even the entire panel repainted (or replaced) when you can just work within the small area that needs fixing?

SMART car paint repair can fix paint chipping, scuffed bumpers, scratches in the paint, small blending in the mid panels, plastic bumpers and it can even fix damage to clear coats, restore rims and is good for paint accessories and black outs.

The only drawback to using SMART techniques to fix minor paint damage and to repair car paint damage is that, because the work is very meticulous, it can be very time consuming. SMART technicians are trained to work with painstaking attention to detail and will take the time required to make sure the job is done perfectly.

LVV services pride itself on the attention to detail employed by its technicians. They use SMART techniques because they believe that you know what needs to be fixed and don’t believe in second guessing clients. One of the best things about the SMART technicians employed by LVV is that they come to your home to work on your projects. You don’t have to find the time to go to them. LVV is the best body repair shop in South Wales and can fix any of your minor paint repair needs.

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