Well, you have a few choices when you get a dent or scrape in your plastic bumper on whom to get to repair it. Depending on which way you go will make the decision on how much the repair will cost you. You always have the local body shop that you can take your car into and have them charge you a possible arm and a leg to get a simple small repair done.

Well really, the first thing you need to take into consideration when deciding who to have repair your plastic bumper is just how big of a dent is it? They have these places that are a SMART repair specialist. These technicians will repair your car where you work; they come to you and fix the car.

It’s really cool that they fix the damage right in front of you, so it’s like they are basically a mobile body shop for your car. This service also works great with those dings that you receive in any shopping centre complex. Plus if you want to sell your vehicle this is a great service to think about getting, because a car that has less dents and dings and paint damage will get more money than one that looks scruffy.

So this SMART repair technician can come to the place where you work, and easily fix your bumper scuff within say 30 to 50 minutes if they have been doing it for a while. But even if it takes them a bit longer, the time and money you save on having to take your vehicle into the body shop is a tremendous savings all by itself.

Or if you want to try and do it yourself you can get some bonding agent and put in onto the damage and wait for it to dry and sand it until it’s even, and make sure that you match the contours of the bumper with the new agent you have on your car. It will take a while to get it sanded to the right spot most likely. You will need to ensure that it is smooth and looks okay too. You don’t want a potential buyer being able to see where you just got done fixing damage in your bumper.

So after you have it sanded to the right contours you will need to get a primer and put that on the bonding agent, and really a few inches around it so as to match the paint a bit easier. If you don’t do this, it may be fairly easy to see the new paint compared to the old paint. This will of course make the price of your vehicle go down too.

So you have the bumper primed, and you have the paint that will match the original paint on your vehicle. Now is the fun part of painting. You need to make sure that you do it just right and that you don’t have any drip marks on it. Let it dry and you should be pretty much done.

But heck, why go to all that trouble when you can simply call a SMART repair technician and have them fix it?

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