When buying a car, always check the paintwork. Paint scratches are inevitable on the body of the car and if they are not repaired they can devalue the vehicle. Paint scratches can happen anywhere. Sometimes scratches happen at the car park as you try to squeeze it to an empty space, stones or debris hitting the car whilst moving.

We can help.

Well the good news is that car paint damage can be fixed. In most cases paint damage isn’t extensive unless your car has been in an accident. These everyday small damages can be rectified using minor paint repair.

Advanced technician training and paint specialty products have made paint damage repair possible for every type of car paint available. The finished results are amazing.

Trouble spots

There are certain areas on the body of the car that are more prone to paint trouble. You can keep your eye out for these problem spots. Minor car paint repair target these areas. Common scratches are usually found near the key holes, on the bumpers and the side mirrors. Paint damage repair may also be used in places where rust has set in on the car. This is usually found on body parts under the car. In most cases a paint damage repair job is often necessary after the car undergoes rust repair.

Smart paint damage repair

Smart paint damage repair is a newly evolved type of car paint repair practice which can help repair car paint scratches and scuffs with a minimum of cost and maximum results. By using advanced minor car paint repair techniques as well as modern materials and products, smart paint damage repair can ensure that your scratches will virtually disappear without you having to spend a lot of money.

There are several companies that offer smart paint damage repair, in areas such as South Wales, Bridgend, Swansea, Cardiff and Newport. However, choose only a reliable and efficient team to handle your job.

LVV Services
Minor car paint repairs using smart paint damage repair techniques can last for a long time. Of course, the better the product used, the longer the repair will last.

It is important to use a qualified and experienced technician to carry out your smart repair paint damage. LVV is a mobile team whose technicians all have more than 13 years experience in smart paint damage repair. Quality work carried out by highly trained and experienced technicians.

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