Running any size of a car fleet is costly to any business. Repairing minor damage, worrying about touch ups, paintless dent removal, and the constantly lowering resale value all takes its toll.

We can save you around 50% of your usual costs of keeping your vehicles looking good and scratch and dent free. This can represent a significant saving running into hundreds of pounds too.

We specialise in fixing car dents – even paintless dent removal, and applying touchup paint in a way that will have you swearing that there never was a scratch there in the first place. The slogan we have adopted, “our best work goes unnoticed,” is not an idle boast.

Traditional body shop repair costs are known to be hefty at times. Ours isn’t! You can reap all the benefits of our lower charges by becoming a private customer and enjoying the sheer convenience of our mobile service.

Businesses and individuals in the south Wales area have been benefiting from our special SMART repairs (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques) since 1994. In that time we have built up an expertise and knowledge you can access from just a phone call away.

Having cars pulled from your fleet for repairs, even small repairs, is a considerable inconvenience. We know this and that’s why we have found ways to limit the time you lose. A visit from one of our LVV technicians means that they will work around your time and needs on your premises. You stay in control at all times.

Perhaps the best bit from your point of view is that you don’t need to leave your car in someone else’s garage for days. For all you know they could be creating more dents instead of engaging in paintless dent removal, or making scratches that were never there in the first place!

With the traditional way you have delivery time, repair time, and collection time. And then there’s the traditional hefty charge too.

With us, all you need to do is give us a call. An LVV expert will drop round and take in the situation. If all is well, and it usually is, all he will need is access to your electricity supply and perhaps a cup of tea if there’s one going.

He won’t hang around all day and clutter up your premises either. You can expect a SMART repair to be quick and efficient. And the bill at the end of it all? Expect to be surprised – but in a very nice way.

Our customer base since we started out has mostly been from the motor trade. Now, however, we are seeing more and more private customers who are realising the cost-effective benefits of our mobile service. We don’t have a call out charge. We only fix the damaged bit, not the whole part. And we usually manage to keep repair costs to under your insurance excess. That keeps your annual premium happy.

People are busy these days. That’s why we go to you. You have no delivery time, no lengthy repair time running into days, and no collection time to worry about. And did I mention that you can save 50% or more compared to traditional body shop costs?

You can, whether it’s fixing a scratch and dent with paintless dent removal, or a spot of touch up paint application, making all the damage completely invisible. Call us and see first hand how you can benefit today.

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